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We estimate it will cost $3.4MM over two years to reach, identify, screen, diagnose and treat all eligible women for breast cancer in Bastrop, Hays and Williamson Counties. Every woman in our region deserves a chance to find and treat breast cancer before it’s too late, and you can help make that happen. Not only is it crucial for supporting equity in our community, we also believe it’s a smart financial move for Central Texas. Read on to learn how.

We invite care providers, policy leaders, community/business leaders and funders to be part of this exciting collaborative opportunity to transform cancer care in our region, starting with breast cancer for the uninsured.


We are privileged to have many private funders making this vision a reality, including private foundations and individual philanthropists. Those funders recognize that access to care is a crucial component of creating healthy communities, and they believe every Central Texas woman deserves an equal opportunity to find and beat breast cancer. Are you a funder who wants to support equity in health outcomes for Central Texas women? We’d love to talk with you about how.


We’re working closely with leaders in Bastrop, Hays and Williamson counties to launch this program for their residents. Many of those leaders have chosen to allocate public dollars to the work of ACT-CTX because it drives equitable access to care for residents throughout their community, lowering long-term healthcare costs while keeping residents healthy and productive. Are you a Central Texas leader who wants to extend this program to those you serve? We’d love to talk with you about how.


The cost of treating late-stage breast cancer is exponentially more than treating early-stage cancer, which means the earlier we catch it, the less it costs providers in uncompensated care. Specifically, we’re creating a shared services model that balances contributions across healthcare providers, and we’re grateful to have Central Texas’ largest providers as partners in the program. Are you a medical provider who would like to take part in delivering on this bold vision? We’d love to talk with you about how.